Nik Wallenda and his Dad on Today Show

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I can’t imagine the giant brass ballnuts it took for that dude to walk a tightrope across the Grand Canyon. But to me, it took even more coconuts to do it with his Dad in his ear the whole time. What if it had unfolded with a typical heaping helping of frustrating family interaction all over it?

Check out this spoof of SkyWire walker Nik Wallenda being coached across wire by his Dad: 



Amazing video of a deep sea fishing expedition that gets extra interesting… unexpectedly.

Here’s a video of an incredible wrestling rant from back when wrestling was still awesome. In particular, I truly love the :50 to 1:42 portion of these rant highlights.

For me, wrestling was all about the Von Erichs. When David Von Erich mysteriously died in 1984, wrestling died for me. Long live the Von Erichs, baby.

Side note: BMW dealership owner Ashley Schaeffer (Will Ferrell’s brilliant character from EastBound and Down) was clearly modeled after professional wrestler Ric Flair, right?

Ashley 2
Ashley Schaeffer
Ric Flair

And finally, Bear Grylls is one of the greatest humans any of us know… here’s how you can be a part of what he has cooking.

Candle chick
Ladies like this are ready to enjoy Dodge’s newly designed “man smells” line of candles. It’s science, ladies.

Dear Yankee Candle Executives,

Good afternoon, fine ladies and gentlemen. I trust the candle business is doing swimmingly and you’re looking to wrap another strong quarter. Kudos.

I’m just going to cut to the chase here. I think you need some new blood in whichever department chooses your new scents, specifically those aimed towards the male gender. To this point, I think you’ve done alright with scents like grass and football field and leather. But the time has come to expand your horizons and I’m just the man for the job.

What are my qualifications you ask? None. But what makes you so special? To show my real value, here are my Top 10 New Yankee Candle Man Smells for Men for your perusal. I trust you’ll find this list to be fair, credible and delightful. Thank you in advance.

#10 – Play-Doh

#9 – Dad’s Wallet

#8 – Kentucky Fried Chicken Lobby

#7 – Dog Breath

#6 – AutoZone

#5 – Bacon [REAL bacon, not that turkey bulls**t my wife buys]

#4 – Hot, Rainy Pavement

#3 – Waffle Cone

#2 – Gasoline

#1 – GI Joe Melting on a Light Bulb

My salary demand is $400k.

Thank you and I trust I’ll be hearing from you soon.



Fantastic article —> This indirectly explains EXACTLY why Jurickson Profar will NOT be traded.

Oh, and this article breaks down the value of top prospects – long term. If you’re the type of Galloway (I mean person) who scoffs and diminishes and then re-scoffs/re-diminishes the value of top prospects, you should read this… twice.

Always make it about you, so here’s a pic of me and Profar from a couple of years ago being best friends

Following this season — even if he stays up all year — the Rangers will STILL own six years of glorious contractual control of Jurickson Profar. In his case, it will be two more years of team-mandated peanuts and four years of arbitration. A baseball bargain of the highest order.

And that’s a lot of what this comes down to. Teams simply can’t sustain the winning window by over-paying expensive, aging free agents. It’s a recipe for disaster. Eventually, and sometimes very quickly, those dudes becomes old, overpaid anchors who will drag your team to the bottom of the ocean. If you want to keep the winning window open for as long as possible, you need to develop your own bad asses. Young guys making major contributions in the years before they cash in as free agents.

That’s the key ingredient to the recipe. The other wrinkle is to identify keepers early and lock em up long term before other teams can swoop in like fat turkey vultures

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Here is a picture of Travis Frederick and his beard talking to us shortly before his dead-man-walking beard is lead to the facial hair guillotine of death.

Travis Frederick Shaves With 105.3 The Fan

Here is a picture of Travis Frederick’s beard staring me down in an intimidating and mesmerizing way shortly before go-time.


Here’s a picture of a true artist at work as our buddy Milad Ziyai from Floyds 99 is doing major things with powerful face hairs.

Travis Frederick Shaves With 105.3 The Fan

Here is a picture of our kick ass engineer, Ivan, reacting to some freshly cut Travis Frederick beardhair next to his mixing board. This clump of human football player beardhair would later come back into play in a very significant and kind of appalling way.

Travis Frederick Shaves With 105.3 The Fan

Here’s a picture of KT’s reaction to an outrageous dare from me and Skin — which he of course accepted because he’s KT — to heroically put some of that dead beardhair into his suspicious facemouth in an effort to courageously determine what type of BBQ the Cowboys rookie was eating just before it was shaved off… for science.


Here is KT carefully selecting the face pubes he finds most desirable. (See the link below for an actual pic of him doing it! YIKES.)

Travis Frederick Shaves With 105.3 The Fan

Here’s a picture of Brendan that he asked me to include in this post.


Here’s a picture of the best beard the Ben and Skin Show has ever produced internally


< < < Here > > > is an entire AMAZING gallery of bad ass beardshow photos taken by our own Jeff Burkett. Please check em out ASAP!

Many thanks to the great Travis Frederick, his beard, Leigh Costa, 3 Stacks Smoke and Tap House, Trace Arnold, Floyd’s 99, Milad  Ziyai, the awesome peeps from the Addison Floyd’s 99, Tyron Smith and the Cowboys O-Line members who showed up, KT, Jeff Burkett, and all the local media folks and listeners who came out for making this unique beard adventure truly exceptional in every way.

<<< Here >>> is an awesome write up on the whole enchilada. ENJOY!